You will receive in your beautiful box:
*A Christmas chocolate selection box packet
*A tube of Swizzel favourites
*A hot chocolate ‘Cosy Cone’
*A ribboned sugar mouse
*A festive Pez and refills
*Popcorn for your Christmas movie
*A festive red, party Kool-aid drink
*A Christmas cracker to pull
*Nanny Shake’s jingle bell to ring on Christmas Eve (see photo)
*Magical Reindeer Dust to sprinkle
*A gift for Santa and his reindeers to pop on the mantelpiece.
*A check list to tick off all your Christmas Eve jobs.
*An enchanting bedtime book
*A mystery extra gift (we are awaiting delivery!)

Due to several requests, we are delighted to offer an ‘extra child pack’ for our Christmas Eve box. This is available at a discounted cost of just £6.
You will receive another
Pez and refills / Sugar mouse / Mystery gift / Lolly / Reindeer Dust /Stirring lolly for hot chocolate / Pack of popcorn / Kool Aid drink
and most importantly Nanny’s jingle bell!
This makes our quality Christmas Eve box £28, just £14 each, when purchased for two.
Please add the extra pack to your basket and don’t forget to give us both names for the personalisation.
Not available to purchase without a Christmas Eve box.

Limited numbers.
Add a treat for the dog 50p extra.